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GSTC Board Members


Joanne Nastasi

Board President

Natasha Greenstein

Board Treasurer

Natasha and her husband Jared moved to Peachtree City from Southern California 7 years ago and they have 3 awesome kids, Abby(15), Jonah(12), and Charlie (4).  She has always been a huge fan of the performing arts and grew up in a very musical home, full of dancing, acting, and encouragement of imagination.  Her children have been performing with GSTC for the last 5 years! Abby has been in 7 shows, Jonah in 6, and Charlie made his debut in Elf Jr.  She took on the massive task of running the front of house a few years ago and loves every minute of it.

“I am so excited to join the board of directors I was so excited to get to be a part of such an amazing company that has done so much for my kids and getting to help bring that excitement and joy to other families. The confidence my kids get from being on the stage in these phenomenal shows and the wonderful friendships they are making encourages me to help grow this company into everything it is destined to be.”


Kari Thompson

Board Secretary

Since the first time I saw the Sound of Music at the age of 4 I have been in love

with musicals, so when my children decided they wanted to step on that stage I was ecstatic. We have been a part of GSTC since 2018 and in that time I have volunteered with everything from costumes to working as a part of the stage crew. When the opportunity came to sit on the board and help GSTC in a different way, I couldn't resist. 

“I can't wait to play a part in the future of this company and everything it brings to the community!”

Melissa Watlington

Board Member

Melissa’s love of theater developed early when she visited New York with her father (who lived in the area) multiple times every year. A play - usually a musical - was always part of the itinerary! Her children also benefited from participating in theatrical arts throughout middle and high school: Sam backstage on crew and spotlight, and Wylie on stage in multiple roles and as a Schuler Nominated Choreographer.

"Our family is so grateful that Jo Beth gave them their first opportunities to join an amazing community that ultimately helped to shape their high school experiences for the better."


Kyle Hamlin

Board Member

An alumnus of the company, Kyle was a part of several Georgia Singers productions throughout his time in highschool including their very first show Aladdin Jr. back in 2014. He is currently an up-and-coming filmmaker who is set to graduate with his MFA in Film and TV production from the University of Georgia in August of 2022.

"Being involved in Georgia Singers productions as a teenager inspired me to pursue a career in the arts and I hope through my involvement on the board that I can continue to inspire the next generation of kids who have similar aspirations."

Johanna Braddy

Board Member

Johanna Braddy is an actress known for ABC’s Quantico and Hulu’s UnReal. Born and raised in Peachtree City before moving to Los Angeles, Johanna has a heart for the youth fine arts scene. She wants future generations to have all the opportunities she had plus more. She is passionate about the positive effects of early theater experiences, regardless of the career path a child ends up choosing

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