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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?

Call JoBeth Braddy or Annie Hale (numbers listed in contacts) or email us

When do you meet?

Rehearsals are on Friday nights and Saturdays. We work hard to not interfere with students' school weeks.

What is the cost?

Production fees for shows are $450 for approx.10 weekends of rehearsals plus tech week and performances.

Where do you meet?

Currently, we are meeting at The Campus in Peachtree City.​

When are auditions and rehearsals for the musicals?

Auditions take place at the beginning of each show. Rehearsals begin shortly after that and will take place on Saturdays from 10-3:30 and Fridays from 6-9:00 pm until tech week (10-11 weekends). Weekly schedules and tech week schedules will be given to students who are selected to be in the shows.

What is the role of the parents?

Parents are expected to volunteer to help with costumes, sets, and makeup. Tech week involves volunteers chaperoning backstage, coordinate dinners, sell and take tickets and set up and strike the stage.

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